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Succeeding in taking office

How to succeed as a manager?


  • Understanding the manager’s roles: self-diagnosing his practices

  • Identify management styles and adapt style according to situations

  • Use the main management techniques

  • Identify levers that promote motivation and team cohesion (The Performance Equation, Tuckman’s Model)

  • Managing Difficult Situations: Identifying Signs of Tension and Assertive Behaviour

Manage the performance of its teams on a daily basis

How to become a leader? How to manage the performance of its teams?


  • Understanding the difference between manager and leader

  • Identify management styles

  • Know how to set clear and ambitious goals

  • Team buy-in to established goals

  • Support employees individually and collectively in achieving the objectives set

Meeting Facilitation

How to effectively lead a meeting?

Objective :

  • Effectively prepare their meetings

  • Implement animation techniques

  • Managing difficult situations: implementing good practices according to situations

Change Management - Effectively Driving Change

Effectively lead organizational change. What levers to drive change.

Objective :

  • Effectively support organizational change

  • Define the behaviours to be adopted in an organizational change project

  • Define and implement levers to effectively deliver organizational transformations

  • Identify the risks associated with the change

  • Develop leadership in change

Communication & personal development

Change Management - How to live a change well?

How to deal with uncertainty? How to accept and live well a change?

Objective :

  • Experiencing change in a serene way

  • Changing Your Perspective on Change: Turning a Constraint into an Opportunity

  • Understanding Natural Resistance to Change

  • Accepting and facing uncertainty

Communication - Public speaking

How to succeed in public speaking? How to manage your stage fear and captivate your audience for effective speaking?

Objective :

  • Better oral communication

  • Overcoming the Stage Fright

  • Exchange with your audience using active listening techniques, questioning, reformulation

  • Decode and use non-verbal language

  • Intervene effectively in videoconferencing

Well-being in business

How to talk about Well-being in Business? How to establish a plan for the development of quality of life at work)? How to promote the well-being of its teams in a professional environment?

Objective :

  • Understanding the concepts associated with the concept of Well-being in the Workplace

  • Take stock of the current system.

  • Understand and know how to implement the management levers associated with these concepts

  • Identify and develop concrete action plans to improve the quality of working life.

process optimization

Lean Management - Initiation

What is continuous improvement? What are the tools?

Objectives :

  • Identify tools for continuous improvement

  • Understand the objectives and concepts associated with Lean Management

Lean Management - Intermediaire

How to be an actor in the continuous improvement process? How to improve in «Lean»?

Objectives :

  • Identify the sources of waste in a process and propose improvement actions

  • Identify and define continuous improvement projects

  • Federate the actors around the project

Lean Management - Expert

How to manage a project and support its teams in a continuous improvement process?

Objectives :

  • Know and know how to use the tools of continuous improvement according to the problems (5S, SMED, Visual Management, VSM)

  • Define and manage a Lean project using the DMAIC approach

  • Analyze the causes of a process malfunction and identify action plans

  • Effectively lead a continuous improvement project – Kaizen

Quality System - How to start an ISO 9001 quality process

How to define its quality system, a guarantee of confidence for the company? What are the axes to drive it?

Objectives :

  • Mastering the basic elements of the ISO 9001 standard

  • Define the key axes to be implemented for an efficient quality system

Risk Analysis

How to implement a risk analysis approach, manage and analyze its processes?

Objectives :

  • Define the target to be achieved

  • Select and implement, in an appropriate manner, the various risk analysis tools (APR, RRF, FMEA, HACCP, HAZOP, FTA)

Problem Solving Methodology

How to solve complex problems in order to avoid recurrences and improve its overall performance in an industrial environment?

Objective :

  • Implement the different steps of a problem-solving approach

  • Define a problem (QQOQCCP, Pareto diagram)

  • Analyze causes (Ishikawa Digram, 5M, 5 why)

  • Identify and implement solutions (decision matrix)

  • Monitor and manage action plans (PDCA method)

  • Effectively lead and facilitate the working group.

Good Health Practices - Covid 19

Better understand the risks associated with its activities, identify applicable health risks. How to implement the means of protection and corrective actions in an appropriate manner?

Objective :

  • Understanding the risks of Covid-19 contamination

  • Identify the risks applicable to its activities

  • Effectively implement good health practices

  • Understand each other’s responsibilities in implementing good health practices

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