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Management and Personal Development

Operational Support and Personal Development

Develop your talents!

Because we grow within our company, because our employees are the image of their manager, because our level of success depends on our personal development, because our personal development is the key to our progress …

Lugan Consulting is involved in individual operational support and supports you in the personal development of your employees:

  • Getting to know each other better to develop personal skills
  • Individual and collective coaching

Mobilize individual and collective energies!

Group coaching

well-being at work

individual coaching

Organizational coaching

life coaching

to know yourself better and gain confidence, to help you achieve your goals, to face uncertainty, to apprehend a change of life, to reorient yourself.

Coaching of manager

to develop your potential, your leadership, address a professional change (taking up a position), better manage your time and priorities, better manage your stress and prevent a burn-out risk.

Leadership coaching

to develop your leadership, support your decision-making process, develop your communication and clarify your strategy.

Our definition of coaching

Coaching is the accompaniment of a person on a personal and/or professional level towards his autonomy in a dynamic of change. The role of the coach is to help the coachee clarify his thinking, to take the necessary step back, to acquire new ways of doing things and to react. The coach is a “facilitator” who leads the coachee to question himself, to develop his assets and/or to discover the obstacles that prevent him from progressing optimally


Manager, develop your teams!

Managing a team requires many skills that you learn to develop throughout your career. In a context of transformation and a search for agility and performance, the manager’s ability to accompany change and show leadership is essential. The manager must create a dynamic of collaboration and grow his employees.

  • Detect the talents of your employees in order to develop leurs compétences
  • Fostering autonomy and initiative

Develop the cohesion of your teams and gain in performance!



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the opinions of our customers


Thank you for your support. I feel much better and can therefore approach the future more serenely. I realize that this coaching has been very beneficial to me both professionally and personally.



Complete and customized training. Interactive and dynamic presentations adapted to our organization and our problems. Enriched by the experiences of the trainer and captivating anecdotes, they allow the topics discussed to become concrete and transposable.

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Pragmatic, operational and synthetic approach.

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